Here you’ll find contact information for all of the Chapters in West Virginia.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  Thanks

SaturdayMartinsburg DinnerEat at 8 a.m. and Meeting at 9:00,
Martin DurstChapter Director(304) 
JJ & Becky JonesEverything – helps Martin(301) 667-0121  
David SwanRide Educator(304)  
JJ & BeckyRide Coordinator and Road Captain   
Melody MervaTreasurer(304)  
Everyone (Becky)MEP   
JJ & Becky JonesPins & Patches   
David SwanNewsletter/web page/facebook   
Jean HarmonMiss Sunshine   
CHAPTER BCLARKSBURGGathering  3rd SaturdayFOP Grill, Nutter Fort – Eat at 6 p.m. and Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
Porter SouthernChapter Director(304) 584-5906No email – send to Michael Cork 
Michael CorkAssistant Chapter Director(304) 782-3996 Home
(304) 203-1075 Cell
(304) 966-4575 Heidi 
Teresa CorkTreasurer   
Bob & Debbie SlaughterRide Coordinator(304) 592-8033 Home
(304) 641-8252 Bob
(304) 641-553 Debbie 
Heidi CorkNewsletter Editor(304)
 Chapter Activities(304) 365-1690 Kathy 
Deby PostPins and Patches   
CHAPTER CHUNTINGTONGathering 2nd ThursdayIHOP, 130 Mall Road, Barboursville, WVEat at 6 p.m. and Meeting at 7 p.m.
Eddie and Jo HeckChapter Director(304) 
Mike and Cheryl SmithAssistant Chapter Director  
Eddie HeckRide Educator(304)  
Maurice “Sunny” LuthyRide Coordinator(304) 736-2810
(508) 837-1307  
Rosalie BoylesTreasurerRosalie (304) 549-2954
Willie (304) 545-1982  
 Webmaster(304) 743-5356  
CHAPTER HCHARLESTONGathering  1st SaturdayTop Spot, Sissonville, WV (Pocatalico Exit 114)  – Eat at 5 p.m. and Meeting at 6 p.m. 
John and Debbie RectenwaldChapter Director(304) 545-5727  
Jim & Debbie WileyAssistant Chapter Director   
Sam & Helen CrumRide Educator(304) 
Ken Shivley & Sam CrumRide Coordinator(304) 984-0503 
Sam & Helen CrumTreasurer(304) 
Judy ShivleyNewsletter   
CHAPTER IMORGANTOWNGathering  2nd SaturdayShoney’s 95 Sterling Drive, Sabraton, WVEat at 6 p.m. and Meeting at 7 p.m.
Gloria & Gary RowanChapter Director(304)  
Jr. and Bonnie DavisAssistant Chapter Director and Ride Coordinator(304) 
Bill & BethAnn McCormickRide Educator(304) 
Danny & Judy McCoyRide Coordinator(304)  
Bobbie DavisTreasurer(304)  
Brenda HeflinPublic Relations/Cards/Flowers(681) 404-9314Brenda­ 
Beth Ann McCormickNewsletter(304)  
Jim & Donna PompiliPhotographer(304)  
Jim & Donna PompiliPins & Patches(304)  
Pete & Sherry McMullenChapter Director(304)
 Assistant Chapter Director  
Geoff & Susan AustinRide Coordinator(304) 615-3868 Geoff
(304) 615-1637 Susan 
Bruce & Terri StanleyTreasurer(304) 375-3902 Home
(304) 483-5279 Bruce
(304) 483-5427 Terri 
Susan AustinPublic Relations(304)

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