Our Motto…
“Share the Road!”

Our Mission…
“To Facilitate A Reduction In Motorcycle Crashes With Other Motor Vehicles.”

Use this link to watch a Video on Motorist Awareness produced by the Oklahoma Dept of Safety Invisible Motorcycle PSA it is a real eye opener! Feel free to distribute it the to members. The Oklahoma Dept of Safety has graciously given us permission to do so.

Use this link to watch a Video on Motorcycle crashes The Crash Test Project it is another real eye opener!

The following message is a 28-second recorded PSA message in WMA format and intended for use on local radio stations to help get the message out about Motorcycle Safety & “Sharing the Road”. There is also a word document with the message, should the radio stations prefer that their announcers read this PSA in place of the recorded message. Use these links to download both …
Right click and ” save as” Save A Life PSA (Radio)     Save A Life PSA (Theater)     Save A Life PSA Script (Word format)

The Motorist Awareness Division and Rider Education Program, through a Team effort, are committed to a goal of establishing the safest motorcycling environment possible. While Rider Education trains and educates motorcycle riders, the Motorist Awareness Division (MAD) will focus on educating the motorist community. Our primary goal in motorist awareness will be to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes with other highway users, a reduction in the loss of life, and a reduction in injuries.

A New Era in Motorist Awareness – A Simple Plan …

The Motorist Awareness Division of GWRRA, through a “Share the Road” campaign will pursue three aspects of motorist awareness. Each of these three are supportive of each other:

  • Awareness Education – Providing motorists with First Class, professional education through our certified seminar presentations. Our presentations will be developed for a multitude of audiences, educating them to a better understanding of motorcyclists, the risks involved, a heightened awareness of motorcycle presence and what they as motorists can do in the prevention of crashes.
  • “Drive Aware!”
  • Awareness Advertisement – Serves as a reminder to motorists that they share the road with motorcycles. Reinforced reminder to the education aspect.
  • Public Relations – Interaction with the motoring public has the ability to reflect highly on GWRRA and to mold public opinion on how they view motorcyclists.

Our goal in this area is to build a rapport with motorists and leave them with a feeling that motorcyclists are real people who could be their friend, neighbor, or even a relative.

The Motorist Awareness Division has already begun working with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and other organizations within the motorcycling community. Communications and the sharing of information between us and these organizations helps build our programs, sets the stage for success and benefits the entire motorcycling community.

M.A.D. – Saving Lives Through Awareness Education